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Chugwater is nestled next to I-25 along the Chugwater Creek. We offer a friendly community with both natural beauty and opportunity. Located only 20 minutes from Wheatland, to the north, and 45 minutes from Cheyenne, to the south Chugwater offers great access to local population centers.

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The News from Hometown Chugwater
April, 2020

            If you ever lived here at all even for a few months or a year, Chugwater may have somehow lodged in your heart.  It doesn’t look like much anymore if you’re just driving through but the deep heart of things here is still very much alive.

            In this so very uncertain time of pandemic viruses and economic deep freeze, here’s what’s happening around here in our little corner of southeast Wyoming.

            First, there is a food pantry set up in the Community Center just off Main Street.  It’s open to anyone and everyone from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Just come by and take what you need; no strings.  If you have extra, you’re welcome to contribute as well.

            Second, a group has formed called Chugwater Community Cares.  These folks have taken a great idea from another little Wyoming town, Guernsey, and developed a set of window cards for each household (and now to include country folks on the mail route).  The cards are meant to be posted in a window visible from the street (or the mailbox in the case of country folks).  One card is green with a “thumbs up” image to indicate that all’s well.  Another is yellow and says “Need Some Things.”  If this is posted, somebody will contact the resident to see if prescriptions or groceries, etc., are needed.  Another card is bright red and says “Need Help!”  A mail delivery person goes past almost every house six days a week so the signs will be noted.

            Thirdly, we’re really trying to support our local businesses where we can by calling in food orders for take-out and by keeping in touch with our neighbors by phone, text and email.  Thank goodness for those opportunities!

            Lastly, some of us are planning ever bigger gardens.  Folks, this situation isn’t going to be over anytime soon and we need to hearken back to our pioneer forebears and take our own well-being into our own hands.  I still keep a pot of sourdough bread starter that I’ve used for almost thirty years.  Do you want to learn how to make bread?  Call me and I’ll share the starter. 

Now, go make soup with whatever’s looking a little tired in your fridge.

Carol Eckhardt

Rural Water Best Water

Chugwater,WY was voted to have the best tasting water in Wyoming! Next stop is the national competition in Washington, D.C. February 2023.

Way to go Lance Wedemeyer, Nichole Clark and Gerry Dayton! Thanks for being a great employees for the town of Chugwater and making our water so great!!

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